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12 Week Weightloss Program

Whats in it for You


Whats the Plan

Want to lose weight? Whats your goal? Whats your plan? Why is it that thousands of motivated people start on diets, join a gym, even get themselves a trainer, only to quit within a few short weeks. The answer simply lies in effective goal setting and following a plan based on progressive wins. Thats what makes the DY57 Weightloss plan so unique. You work to your own pace, focusing on weekly wins and achievements. The plan is based on 12 weeks of pushing yourself to your own pace on training, eating and mindset activities. Its one of the most successful plans available today and what's more is that we create each plan uniquely for you.

The Resources

Each client gets 4 fully loaded workbooks. GOALS helps you assess where you are. With this info, you can successfully plan your journey going forward and able to measure yourself to your own progress. FUEL helps you understand nutrition better and is packed with delicious, wholesome recipes to help you eat healthy whilst still enjoying taste. POWER shows you a whole range of home based exercises that you can do without expensive gym equipment. You will use this to plan out your weekly workouts. TRACK is your personal journal that you use to stay motivated and measure your weekly progression in this amazing journey


Our members love our DY57FUNCTIONL clothing. So you get  bragging rights with a free 'NOT NORMAL' Tee. Trust me your friends will want one too.


Wait... there's more. To help you along with your workouts, you also get a free limited edition FITBAG. These have been specially designed to work your entire body through it versatile functionality. The DY57 came bag is a must have for your home fitness program.

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